Epic Purple

Everything here begins with nothing
life spans wait their turn in line
a birds sweet flight from the end of time.

What now occurs to me, an epic unfolding fantasy
and gusts of air under wings of might
I call to you to take up flight

Radiant light shines from up above
and spinning round in winds of might
you call to me to bring up flight

Living sweetly, flying softly
wind soaring in thrilling flow
Epic purple live and grow

Silently holding, joy of time
embraced together, itself a rhyme
such is the way we fly together

Land stretched out, eyes ne'er seen
come to them, fly with me
and thus we call onto each other

Silent embraces of silver light
ending not even during flight
where epic purple lights the way

Land unseen by untainted eyes
a purple filter we see through
how we fly astray of others

The journey ends as night takes hold
Epic Purple in love's own mold
Now forever fly with me
Off into eternity.
Profound meditation is the calling card of flying monkies.
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