In the Music's Eyes

A shattered prism bursting light,
releases such sound as any might.
A wonder that this should start the symphony,
and place it near such divine harmony.
The music flows and bounds in walls of air,
reflecting spontaneously without a care.
Of it's many tales of love and lore,
who is it now that keeps the score?

Broken glass litters the floor,
shattered from that innermost core.
As the music plays for all to hear,
bits and pieces tear and sear.
The small wand that waves about here,
beats the music that brings audience to tear.
As repercussions die off, and wound should heal,
it causes the introduction of this symphony to seal.

Several parts of this score we behold,
thus we pass the wonder of the music's mold.
The ending we see is a wondrous delight,
and for all a surprise of astonishing might.
Floor like the seasons continuing annually,
this score continues eternally.
That it should come to thus,
should be no surprise to us.
The music's binding like true love's own,
will leave us, never alone.
"Can't shake the devil's hand and say you're only kidding."
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