Untitled, For Julie

Talkless tales of love and war
a great divide where there is no score
The behemouth released devours eternally
how does one say these things externally
Cooped up inside despite the fight
never enough courage to gather the might
The one simple thing I say to you
Still rings in my heart so true
What was given me, confusion consumed
my eyes close on the world unpure
See this now that I may live to love
Truth consumes and spawns its lies
What is it in these soul filled eyes
My joy is love wrapped with a red bow
Passion entangles it's arms engage
of you I see in my days
Hope and joy sit on my shoulders
an image of you
		 colored and fading, sitting alone
Am I there, I hope unknown
The joy there is we call it love, is it a wonder I sit and stare
See this now that I may live to love,
of love and passion a fluttering dove
A blossom unfolding in uncupped palm
for the one simple thing I say to you,
			put simply, I Love You.

"Party in the torture chamber--Chips, dips, chains, whips."
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